Our Partners

Our supply chain is an integral part of our business, and we view the companies and the people we work with as an extension to our in-house team.

Our strategy is to work with customers who have rolling project programmes. This allows us to provide our subcontractor partners with the visibility to allow them to commit resources over a long-term period. This, in turn, helps us to stay true to our values by ensuring that our subcontractors feel recognised and fulfilled, delivering the excellent standard of projects our customers expect.

At Westlands Construction we ask all of our supply chain to be part of our continuous improvement process. Each project we deliver has a collaborative meeting prior to the start date and a download meeting upon completion. The purpose of our collaborative meetings is to capture what we've learned and what improvements we can make to the customer programme.

We regard ourselves as having overall responsibility for all suppliers' contributions to projects we deliver, regardless of whether the supplier is one of our domestic partners, a client-nominated contractor or directly employed by our customer. We engage the supplier in the planning of the project along with the rest of the team and consider their needs and capabilities.

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